The many dragons of Auratia offer countless possibilities for creating an absolutely individual avatar, even before equipping yourself with armor and weapons. Even the most dangerous dungeons and forests will become conquerable if you find the right companions to assist you. You will encounter majestic creatures who will stand by your side in battle, faithful companions that carry you anywhere you wish and valuable friends with an undying eagerness to assist. Your dragons will never leave and never give up. Let the journey begin.

Dragon Kinds

Three generations of dragons roam the continent of Auratia: Eternal Dragons, Legendary Dragons and the normal Dragons. While the first two serve nobody because they are older than humans or any other Auratian life, the latter can be tamed. As one of the Osira people, you possess the unique ability to do so because your race was once brought to life by the most famous of Eternal Dragons, Morgath.

Up until now, only the Osira share a unique bond with the Dragons which exists because of the dragon blood that flows through both their veins. By now, the Osira have discovered more than 300 dragons in Auratia whose inherent abilities were characterized into various kinds of Dragons.


Three generations of dragons roam the continent of Auratia

the Dragons

Capturing and Taming

Auratia is roaming with Dragons and as Osira, you have a special ability that allows you to tell them apart from non-dragon creatures on the one hand and to capture and tame them on the other. After encountering a dragon and gaining its trust, an agreement is forged according to which your new companion will subsequently follow your lead. Dragons can be summoned to assist you in battle and will carry you all through Auratia. Should you ever decide that you don’t need a specific dragon any longer, you can disband the agreement at any time and release it from your service.


Since the beginning of time, the dragons of Auratia have been called to combat by their humans. Skilled Osira are able to perfectly adjust their companions’ abilities to each individual combat situation. In order to do this, you can take advantage of the powers of up to six different dragons while one of them can be summoned to actively take part in combat. Summoning a dragon costs Dragon Soul, an energy source which you naturally possess as Osira. The longer a dragon companion remains in your service, the more efficient its use of Dragon Soul will become. While in combat, there is no need to worry about hitting your own dragon as it will stay out of your way and automatically fight by your side until all Dragon Soul is exhausted.

The Lair

Any dragons that you cannot take with you on journeys remain in the Lair where you can set up schedules to send them out to collect any resources you might need- for example for your crafting endeavors. Besides, dragons are able to train each other within the Lair. If you find that one of your dragons possesses a particularly good skill, this dragon can teach it to another dragon of the same kind. If both dragons possess the same skill, they can also train each other to improve the effects of it, much like an upgrade. Also, whenever they have completed a task in the Lair, dragons will earn points which in return can be used to improve certain attributes such as strength or intelligence.

Dragon Skills

The different Dragons possess very individual, basic abilities such as flying or diving as well as a row of more specific ones which can determine the effect of certain skills. For instance, some of them will know best how to use elementary forces against opponents while others efficiently claw through thick armor. Besides these passive skills which dragons use independently, there are some others that they share with you. Once you have forged an agreement with a dragon, some of its skills will be available to you, even if it is not actively taking part in a fight. Thus, you should carefully choose how to combine your dragons’ skills in order to take advantage of all effects in the best possible way. Using skills will need a certain amount of Dragon Soul when activated. Even though this energy source regenerates quite quickly, remember that your dragon needs it to make use of its skills as well. As soon as all Dragon Soul is used up, a dragon will withdraw from battle until it can be summoned again. Active dragon skills are disabled when a dragon is staying in the Lair.