Frontier System

The Frontier System within Dragon’s Prophet allows players to compete against each other in a persistent conflict over the archipelago of Sky Islands above the world of Auratia. It allows guilds to come together and form an Alliance, which can attack the island of an enemy and claim it for themselves. Once an island has been captured, it is up to the Alliance to defend the island from potential adversaries.

The Frontier System is comprised of three main sub-systems:

  • Citadel System:
    The attack and defense of an island
  • Highlord System:
    The governing and maintenance of an island
  • Housing System:
    The player housing located on the individual islands

Stages of War

The makings of war

  1. Standby:
    The crystal tower is functional and can be attacked to initiate a territory war.
  2. Preparation:
    The crystal tower has been destroyed. The territory war will begin the following day at 9pm CET.
  3. War:
    The territory war lasts two hours, or until one alliance reaches the required number of Victory Points.
  4. Peace:
    The island prepares for the next territory war whilst rebuilding the crystal tower.

To begin the second phase of the Territory War, an attacking alliance must first destroy the crystals that are placed across the island to disrupt the peace and cause the ruling alliance to prepare for war. Once an enemy player begins to deal damage to the crystal, the defending alliance will receive a warning message to alert them of the attack. The defending alliance will then be able to teleport to their island via the Frontier Map to begin their defense.

At 9pm CET the following day, the battle for the island will take place. It will last for two hours, or until one alliance reaches the required number of Victory Points.

Once the dust has settled, peace will be restored to the island, giving the new or current reigning Highlord time to repair their Citadel, bolster their defenses, and prepare for the next attack, which could happen at any time.

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