In the new Mastery System in Dragon‘s Prophet, your characters can learn new masteries and skills. All four character classes now have unique masteries, which can help you gradually specialize into a role. From passive buffs to active attacks, the further you progress in the game, the more masteries you’ll unlock.

The masteries you can learn are divided into three tabs, which you unlock gradually in order to specialize your character.

Specialize for battle!

Overview of the Mastery System

Locating Your Masteries:

Once you reach level 3, you will be able to access the mastery interface from the main menu bar at the top of the screen, or by opening the window directly using the hotkey ‘N’.

Learning Masteries:

Starting from level 1, your character earns Mastery Points with every level-up. These can be invested in learning new masteries or leveling up the ones you already have. The maximum level for masteries is currently 10.

Resetting Mastery Points:

You can reset your Mastery Points for a Gold price. Your character will then forget the masteries previously learned and you will be able to redistribute your Mastery Points from scratch.

Mastery Sets:

Unlock up to four different Mastery Sets and you can change between different playing styles as needed. So, for example, you could create one set for solo adventures and three others for different roles in group play. All of your mastery points can be distributed separately for each set, which means investing in one set does not take points away from another.


The new masteries can be found here

Resets all your Mastery Points for Gold

Change between up to four Mastery Sets as needed

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