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Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet - Dragon of the Week

Dragon of the Week

2020-07-06 11:32:30

Dragon of the Week

At the moment Quacecroak is available in our special sale. Dont croak, just take a look!

Quacecroak is part of a rather young dragon species that originated from the connection of Legendary Dragons and the swamp toads of Thadrea and Wynnadia. Obviously, this development had no natural causes. In fact, Quacecroak and his siblings were born from the Laedis Academy’s test tubes, under the leadership of quirky Professor Knotweed, who tried to prove that there is a connection between Legendary Dragons and the amphibians of Auratia.

In spite of his bulky body, Quacecroak is the most agile and lively dragon companion you can imagine. He loves entertaining his Osiran masters by aptly imitating frogs and other inhabitants of his home swamp. His unique anatomy perfectly harmonises with hunting for his preferred prey: toads and giant wasps.